Friday, October 7, 2011

The return( part1) The Turning Point of life

Feel sorry to myself for abandoned this blog for very long period. Nvr no time pass just like a thunder storm and now is October 2011. Everthing , everyone , every nature seems growed to more mature time by time .Changes or growing intrapersonal lifestyle, interpersonal relation , graop engagement and public involment contribute various inspiration human way and people learned to adapt and accept new norms.

I still remember when I knew my futile STPM result (as i had predicted b4 knew it) , I had done nothing accept cried over the split milk . It's my deepest hopeless moment when I was kept rowling my tears during having bath and sleeping moment  in Hualian , Taiwan hotel( forgotten the hotel name)  . I kept comforted myself to planned my future road not just thrown out annoying whine.

After I return from memorable vocation in Taiwan , I tried to searched for any suitable pre-u institution for me. I having dillema at that moment to choosed between resit STPM or register my self as Foundation alumni. After a long period of finding cheapest Foundation Institution , -finally I make my movement  to register myself to take Foundation in Utar. At first, I dumb myself by not hesistate to continued my studied related to science  subject. I tried to applied Biotech , Biomedic , Microbio, MBBS and Phycology in Social Arts(PISS). I make myself look like century joker not measured my capabilties to deal with science subjects.

When I received  letter from Utar Admission Department that I being accepted to studied  Foundation in Arts  procced to Phycology in Social Science, its a fate and faith for me as its key ispiration for driven me into  mass comm world.  After a few discussion with my sis I made up my mind to tranfered my Degree corse from PISS to Broadcasting. 

story to be continue........

Saturday, February 20, 2010

lazy bummpy

on cny week , i feel this year cny is my best year than past cny. lucky in gambler. hehe

Saturday, February 6, 2010


2day half day tuisyen math. I blur revision trigo for the whole tuition . But i blurr. Realy headace. Mr Tan also blur wat i doin. .><. Ai . he keep chit chat with his lower form studunt. So arrogent the student. Just know how to discriminate junior than him. Not shame 2 compare person that 2 year smaller than him tat still in primary  school. Just know how 2 boast he iq higher, physicaly stronger and many bullshit word. ai.... but he r smart la. but realy annoying. okla i have 2 stop bb

Friday, February 5, 2010

WISh u happy golden year

          yesterday me n my family give sudden suprise celebrate my 3 Aunty
                                                  XX birthday
                                   (promise her not 2 tell in blog : P).
                      she so HAPPY  n realy cant express her happiness.

wow look at her sweet smile!!!!!!!!!

look at me...no eye c

wei wei wei,
make  WISH first la
                                                         OK   LA

                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY 3 GOA

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

damb lame

 2day realy damn lame . SUKANTARA. ai.. Just wasting student n teacher time.
bein penelized because not bringing baju rumah sukan. so crazy the teacher scolding Form 6 only.i feel wat kah yan say is right. some of the teacher realy prejudice form 6. "u sekarang form 6 bukan standart 6" wat the f... . i admit tat most of those did not wear bj rumah sukan is form 6, but y she can say another form student. Realy problem teacher. no wonder most ppu student r realy 'boh shong ' with tis school

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

so sieen lo

 2moro got sukantara. so bore with tis activities. throw this , jump here, run there... ai.... Wat f... This event we bein force 2 enter so no choise. Malaysia style mah. i wish i can quickly graduate from school level. so i can feel the tast of freedom....

Sunday, January 31, 2010

welcome february

   1st day of February. HOLIDAY!!!!!!!! but also boring day. My whole family busy with their job. Early in the morning they all rushing out for work. Except me still dilly belly going to tuisyen.Some moment , i realy hope that our whole family can doing some leisure activities 2gether as we do not do tat for a long time

 (missing my oldest day ....with my whole family going vocation 2gether :(  )